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    How can I get up-to-date and accurate information about Homes for Sale in Washington?

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    This is for all of you frustrated folks out there finding homes on big popular sites and discovering the information is just not correct.   Let’s clear this up…  particularly for those who may have used these sites successfully in other states.

    Washington,  with regard to real estate listing information,  is different than almost every state in the U.S.   In most states the MLS is owned and operated by the Realtor’s Associations.  In Washington, our MLS needs are served by a private entity.   In many other states the MLS cooperates with sites like Zillow, and and directly feed those sites with all the MLS information.  Here in Washington, our MLS does not provide direct feeds to most of those sites which results in incomplete, inaccurate or out of date information.  Some sites only feature paid advertised listings.  In Washington,  sites other than member sites typically do not have a direct feed from the NWMLS.  Our NWMLS which serves the entire state of WA now ( there are still a few smaller MLS entities in WA for specific areas ) does a beautiful job and provides great technology and  tools for agents as well as buyers and sellers.

    Zillow is a compelling beautiful site as a starting point.  As a matter of fact Priority One is proudly a Preferred Agency on Zillow.   You can find us on Zillow at  Debbie Graham and Priority One Realty.  The “Z” has introduced us to some great people and we love them for it, but the truth remains, they do not have a direct feed of all the MLS info here in Washington.   The advertising you see on TV is geared toward those areas that do feed Zillow directly.  Confusion arises in the user.   Zillow is a great place to begin your search for a home,  but eventually you should connect to a site that has the most accurate up to date info if you want to see all the homes and land available.  You wouldn’t want to miss out on your perfect home,  or that view lot where you want to build your dream house !

    To obtain the most accurate up to date  information available, connect to a direct feed site which updates many times per day,  and as an added benefit,  a site that can send you detailed information about homes that most closely meet your personal criteria, delivered to your email on your schedule, or as soon as it hits the market.   Many sites allow you to set those alerts up yourself or an online contact for the site may help you.  Your REALTOR can also help you.

    I am proud to say that Priority One Realty provides a direct feed site. That means you have access to all the homes and land on the MLS in real time, up to date and complete.  You are welcome to give it a test drive anytime.  Our site displays pictures beautifully, all the data about a property from the listing,  and unlike many other sites, we also provide virtual tours  if they are included.    You will see homes from every agent and brokerage member in the NWMLS , not just one brokerage or limited areas.

    Experience our site  at  http://www.YourWA and be assured you are getting the most complete information provided by a direct MLS feed.   The site will ask you to sign in with your name and email address.   If you provide an accurate phone number our  client services manager will contact you to be sure you are getting the most from our site to best suit your needs and ask how we may help you find exactly what you are looking for.

    I do hope this information has brought some clarity to this confusing issue.     We are happy to chat with you about how to get started with our direct feed site if you wish or help you with other real estate needs.

    Thank you,

    Debbie Graham

    Designated Broker/Owner/ Priority One Realty Inc.

    Main Phone: 888-588-1492









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